UK Women of Faith Network

United Kingdom Women of Faith Network

Women of faith around the world have enormous capacities for leadership and effective action to build peace and promote just and harmonious societies. They possess valuable experiences and resources that, when mobilised, can strengthen community-based effective responses for peace and human development.

The UK Women of Faith Network brings together faith and interfaith- based women’s organisations to work together for peace. The Network raises the profile of religious women as powerful agents of change and creates visibility of the leadership role of women of faith. It harnesses the power and showcases the unique models of women of different faiths (and their vast networks) in transforming conflict, advancing just and harmonious societies and protecting the earth. The network allows women of faith to share experiences/knowledge, move dialogue to action

Vision, Mission and Aims of UKWFN

We, the UK Women of Faith Network (UKWFN), commit to working together for improved community relations, gender empowerment and a peaceful and harmonious society within the United Kingdom as well as internationally. 

Using inter-faith dialogue and multi-religious action, we will work together cooperatively for the common good. This cooperation will include dialogue and concrete action focusing on issues of common concern to which the Network can make a specific contribution.

UK Women of Faith Network seeks to:

  • To enhance inter-faith networking among women of faith in the UK.
  • To strengthen the capacities of women of faith to build peace, promote just and harmonious societies and transform conflict through congregations and with other women’s organizations in the UK.
  • To promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in multi-religious collaboration for peace.
  • To develop strategic relevant multi-stakeholder partnerships and alliances.
  • To advance religious understanding and awareness within the network and for the benefit of the public in accordance with traditions, principles and values which inspire justice, peace and harmony.
  • To promote inter-religious dialogue and education for improved understanding between faiths and wider society.
  • To facilitate appropriate joint social action projects.