European Assembly Open Invitation to RfPUK

May 18, 2015
Press Release
July 20, 2015

To Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, President RfP UK,


in partnership with the Focolare Movement

Dear Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra,

As some of you may probably already be aware, a RfP European Assembly will take place in October in Castel Gandolfo near Rome, Italy, from 28th October to 1st November this year, and it is our pleasure now to be able to send you an official invitation to bring people active in your national Chapter and/or Inter-religious Council to take part. We are keen to meet you and we need your contribution! It is also a wonderful opportunity for those you work with to meet other RfP people active in different countries and Chapters, and in the RfP Women’s and Youth Networks, and European Religious Leaders.

The theme of the Assembly will be:

“Welcoming Each Other in Europe:

from Fear to Trust”

We are expecting some 350 people – religious leaders, political decision-makers and members of civil society working in different RfP national delegations (Chapters, Inter-religious Councils and committees) to attend this meeting and experience together a genuine peace-building process. You will have the opportunity yourselves of making a specific contribution to this process. The focus of this encounter is to be on how different faiths and civil structures can co-operate in building a pluralist and peaceful society in Europe, based on the richness of diversity, inspired by the common values that drive all our religious traditions. The three sub-themes (see draft programme) explored by different entities within RfP Europe, will aim to allow new perspectives to emerge in which Chapters and IRCs can take up responsibility underpinned by concrete commitments for a real change from fear to trust.

Brussels, 24 June 2015

The Assembly is aiming to achieve progress on 4 different levels: 1) a deeper knowledge of each other; 2) matter for deeper reflection from experts, alongside the sharing of best practices from each of you, so as to open up new creative ways in which each of us, wherever we operate, can move from fear to trust; 3) positive and concrete insights and possibilities in the face of today’s massive challenges; 4) a rethinking of the strategies of Religions for Peace in Europe so that it is be better adapted to the new landscape of Europe and inter-religious work today, resulting in better networking between different groups.

Please find attached a draft outline programme and the registration form. Further documents will be sent out in due course. Costs are being kept as low as possible – especially if travel is booked early, and for the first to register in each national Chapter/IRC (for which there will be a subsidy). Please lose no time in alerting your members to this possibility and endeavouring to constitute balanced and representative delegations.

The success of the European Assembly will be the result of the spirit created by synergies of all of us coming together to share and learning from one another how our support for the weakest in our midst increases our common humanity as a united human family.



Ms.Yolande Iliano, President, RfP Europe

Rev. Heidi Rautionmaa, Co-Chair, European Women of Faith Network

Mr. Taoufik Hartit Core Member, European Interfaith, Youth Network

Dr. Luigi De Silvia, Chapters and, Interreligious Councils



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33 Förderverein der Weltkonferenz der Religionen für den Frieden (WCRP)/Europa

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