Is action needed now to STOP KILLER ROBOTS in future?

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December 16, 2016
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January 20, 2017

Are steps needed now in case high-tech weapons of the future are designed to attack and kill on their own?
“The unique characteristics of lethal autonomous weapons and the rapidity of technological advances demand new legal regulation, and swiftly,” said Peter Prove of the World Council of Churches, addressing a treaty conference that met in Geneva, 12-16 December.
To “delegate decisions about life and death to machines” is “deeply troubling”, he said. “The core inducement of lethal autonomous weapons seems to be the temptation to be able to target and kill efficiently under a cloak of comfortable anonymity.”
Religions for Peace follows this work because of the fundamental need to protect human life and human dignity, especially at the start of a potential new era in warfare, when new ground rules are likely to be needed.
RfP UK Executive Director Jehangir Sarosh fully agrees with Prove that “No one under law, in good conscience or in good faith can outsource to a machine the judgment, the responsibility and the accountability for taking human life.”
There’s an Interfaith Declaration in Support of a Ban on Fully Autonomous Weapons, you may want to sign. Here is the link:…/…/interfaith-declaration

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