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March 6, 2014
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Join veteran peace activist and CND Vice-President Bruce Kent for the No Faith in Trident national tour. Throughout the month of April, Bruce will lead the public debate with faith communities across Britain about the future of Trident – Britain’s nuclear weapons system. 

Now is the crucial time to get involved! In 2016, parliament will debate and vote on whether Britain should replace Trident with a new system – making Britain a nuclear armed state for many decades to come. However, the majority of the population wants the government to scrap Trident… not least because of the huge amounts of money it costs, and the massive bill for replacement: over £100 billion at a conservative estimate. With government spending cuts increasing, people are demanding that the money should be spent on real human needs, not on weapons of mass destruction.

Bruce will be highlighting the opportunity cost of Trident, particularly with regard to addressing poverty and humanitarian issues, as well as the legal and moral issues involved with weapons of mass destruction.

Find your local event:Derby cathedral

31st March: Forest Gate, London    
31st March: Kensington, London    
1st April: Southampton     
2nd April: Bristol        
6th April: Stoke Newington, London        
8th April: Leicester    
9th April: Birstall    
9th April: Loughborough   
9th April: Coalville     
10th April: Leicester     
10th April: St Albans    
11th April: Catford, London
12th April: Chesham
14th April: Global Day of Action on Military Spending     
15th April: London Muslim Centre     
22nd April: Sunderland     
23rd April: Darlington    
24th April: Wakefield     
25th April: Hitchin        
26th April: Westminster Interfaith      
28th April: Keswick            
28th April: Preston             
29th April: Chesterfield        
29th April: Sheffield        
30th April: Haringey, London               


We hope you'll join Bruce for the discussion about Britain’s nuclear weapons system and whether or not it should be replaced. This is an issue of the utmost importance to our communities, and to the country as a whole, affecting not only public spending and our shared security, but the role we play in the world and our compliance with international law.

For any queries about the tour, phone the CND office on 020 7700 2393 or email

For more info about Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament please visit website:

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