December 3, 2015
More Work Ahead
December 10, 2015

RfPUK Executive Director Jehangir Sarosh wrote an open letter to the Independent. Only a small portion of his letter made it to press on 29th November. Here is the entire text for your perusal.

Dear Sir,

Some people have said Daesh should be eliminated out of existence, many people have also said war is the last resort.

Until we fully recognise and accept that Daesh is an ideology, which cannot be eliminated by bombing/killing, we will not win this war, for it is a war for the minds of people.

If war is the last resort, we have not reached that stage for we have not bankrupted Daesh as we did Communism. We have not yet done any where near enough to stop the supply of arms or to cut off their ability to sell the oil which finances their exploits towards their objective.

Millions of pounds worth of oil is sold every day, and purchased by other countries, why can we / do we not stop this, why do we not blacklist the countries who are supporting Daesh by purchasing their oil, why do we not name and shame the countries who are supplying arms, or impose sanctions on those who are supplying arms and purchasing their oil.

Only when we have tried this alternative, we will be able to say we have tried everything and war is now the last resort.

But today as things stand War is not the last resort, it is not time to go to war, not yet.

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