Open letter to Theresa May prompting urgent changes to refugee policy

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August 23, 2016
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October 13, 2016

Religions for Peace UK is a signatory to the open letter to Theresa May signed by leaders of more than 200 leaders of faith communities calling for urgent changes to the government’s refugee policy, particularly to allow families to be reunited.
We urgently call on the government to urgently revise its policy towards refugees. The best of this country is represented by the generosity, kindness, solidarity and decency that Britain has at many times shown those fleeing persecution, even at times of far greater deprivation and difficulty than the present day. We rejoice in the mosaic of different faiths and British communities that we now represent.
In the face of the unfolding human catastrophe, there are immediate and viable steps that the government can take to offer sanctuary to more refugees. We call on the government to create safe, legal routes of travel, for example by adopting fair and humane family reunion policies for refugees.
RfP Executive Director Jehangir Sarosh stated, “The Calais Jungle brings shame to the whole of Europe and it’s a disgrace that some 400 unaccompanied children in the Jungle who are eligible to move to the UK are left to languish in deplorable conditions. As others have said, if the camp were this side of the Channel, it would not be tolerated.”
RfP UK Chair Jamie Creswell added, “This initiative is a fine example of our guiding principle of different faiths taking common action and shows the unique advantages of such multi-religious cooperation.”

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