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September 6, 2013
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October 25, 2013

Dear Friends,

Today is Peace Day and we want to make sure that you and your friends don’t miss out on the biggest Peace Day yet!

From 4am today  (Central European Standard Time) we are presenting a 24-Hour Global Broadcast on YouTube, including amazing live content from around the world to raise awareness of, and drive action on, the day. We want you and all those you know to be with us for this groundbreaking broadcast, and that’s why we would love for you to host the PeaceCode on your digital platforms, enabling you to present this unmissable content to your online community. It’s really, really simple and quick to embed the PeaceCode on your website, blog or Facebook page. Click here for easy-to-follow instructions on how to get it.

We also now have a comprehensive TV Guide to the day’s festivities. Check out the Guide to find out exactly when all the different parts of the 24-Hour Global Broadcast are taking place.

We want to help you drive people to where you will be hosting this historic transmission. So wherever it is – your website, blog or Facebook page – here are a series of new films we recorded with Jude Law yesterday that you can share to promote your page on Peace Day. We hope they help!

Here’s how else you can be a key part of the effort to spread the message of Peace Day:  

  1. Watch the 24-Hour Global Broadcast – at any point on 21 September
  1. Get involved in our new online Thunderclap campaign 
  1. Mark the Day and tell us what you’re doing 

Thanks so much for your continued support – your help really will make a big difference to people’s lives in 3 days’ time!

In peace

Jeremy Gilley

Founder, Peace One Day

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