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June 29, 2015
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August 10, 2015

Religions for Peace UK salutes David Cameron’s speech on Counter-Extremism 

Religions for Peace UK welcomes the government’s commitment to the successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy expressed in the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday.
Religions for Peace recognises that engaging the whole of UK civil society, as well as the British Muslim community and other faith communities to bring this about, is likely to be the most effective way of tackling conspiracy theories and violent and non-violent extremism.

Jehangir Sarosh, Executive Director of Religions for Peace UK and General Secretary of the European Council of Religious Leaders said “We fully agree that improving integration and strongly challenging religious and political extremist ideologies wherever they are corrosive is imperative. And multi-religious cooperation that goes beyond dialogue will bear fruit in common concrete action.”

The Chair of RfP UK, Sheikh Ibrahim Moghra, also noted that “ Diverse religious communities have deeply held and widely shared moral concerns, such as transforming violent conflict, promoting just and harmonious societies, advancing human development and protecting the earth.”
He added “It’s important to acknowledge that ideology is only one reason for radicalisation as most of those radicalised have a very limited understanding of the ideology. We all need to work together so that Government and civil society have a deeper understanding not only of Islam but of all faith communities so we call collectively make even better decisions on dealing with extremist threats from any angle.”

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