Report on European Interfaith Youth Network 2013 Vienna Summit

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March 5, 2014
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March 27, 2014

This report is submitted by Benafsha Bana Bozorgi who was representing the Young Zoroastrian Group of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe.


Report for RfP EIYN 2013 Vienna Summit!

EIYN going legal.

The European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN) Summit and Training programme took place between 22nd and 24th November in Vienna, Austria.  The summit started on 22nd november Friday evening with an opening dinner and ended on a sunday afternoon.

22nd November Friday

On The first day we had an introductory session wherin we all introduced ourselves and the organisation we represent also giving an insight to what role do we play.

Followed by an insight to what the EIYN is all about. Since it was late into the night, this however was a very short into speech/session also informing us on the next day schedule.

This being my first time,I got a fabulous and friendly welcome by the EIYN members during the dinner!

23rd November Saturday

On  the second day, the Program and Development Consultant,Daniela Korin Malec gave us a presentation about the EIYN as an NGO ,its structure, way of working, events and activites done before,etc.

It was interesting and eye opening as the topics discussed were on Ecology, Economy, Education and Media.

The organisation representatives suggested that it would beneficial to illustrate EIYN as a formal organisation to all European countries , but continue to work informally within the organisation; the end message however being  Standing for Unity!

Being alot of thoughts discussed, suggestiong given two members suggested that we (the EIYN) individually take an event one at a time and work on it keeping the structural organisation method as simple as can be.

Later that day we had a Training session by by Martin Hinrichs, ICAN.  It was on Nuclear disarmament.

the training started with an interractive session on Nuclear weapons trivia. however fun the session began we were equally enlightened in this subject!

Next was a Power point video showed by him of the countries in the world war 2 having scientists who initiated this concept and the countries and peoply attacked and affected by the dangerous weapon!

Once again, as englightened I was by this, I was extremely distrubed seeing the gruesome and horrifying images of the children and adults sufferring the ill effects of the nuclear attack!

He introduced us to the “International Humanitarian Law.” ICAN as an organisation focuses on promoting this law and emphasis the need to respect and follow being humble and achieving humanitarian aims. The ICAN continuously works on its International Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons. The Red Cross assist the ICAN to promote the band.

The session concluded by making us members form groups and working out a project.

A hypothetical project wherin we had to demonstrate the pros and cons involved in Nuclear disarmament and how we in our way can help contribute to stop it!

We being the youth network could see the various types of ideas being brought to the table were a bit off the reality mark, but we all sportingly contributed our ideas in particapating in this training.

This well informative day was followed by a fun filled evening. There were refreshments, music,quiz games being played and lots of laughter and merry!

24th November Sunday

The third day began Planning the future of the EIYN.

the topics discussed were as follows:-

•       going legal

•       going formal

•       setting up UK as its base to acquire funding for our charity events

we also took a poll in self electing ourselves to be a part of the core committee or just being an active member of EIYN.

I chose to be a part of the active members and contribute my bit in it.

Finally all I want to say is that I had a great experience and learnt alot! This Interfaith interaction has made me more confident in what I want to do for the Zoroastrian religion and being a Vital part in the NGO ,not forgetting my voluntary bit in the Young Zoroastrian committee of the  Zoroastrians Trust Funds Of Europe organisation.


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