RfPUK attends IFN 30th anniversary National Meeting

RfPUK at an interfaith Iftar
June 17, 2017
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July 8, 2017

The National Meeting of the Inter Faith Network UK – 30th Anniversary National Meeting was held on 5th July 2017 at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Westminster, London .

This meeting was attended by three RfPUK representative, our Executive Director Mr Jehangir Sarosh OBE, our Director of Shared Security Dr Stephen Herman and our Executive Committee member Mrs Khushnuma Anklesaria.

The theme of the 30th Anniversary meeting was “Moving Forward Together”. There were several eminent speakers and the focus of the meeting was to look forward and outward, to focus on things that unite us and how one would respect and celebrate differences while building on what we share.
There was a strong emphasis on youth involvement and education, and dialogue was vital to positive inter faith engagement.

Trends of communication in the digital world reflected on how platforms open up new possibilities for engagement and the importance of using digital media wisely and effectively.
There was a thread running through the meeting that focussed on IFN’s work since its earliest days to identify common values and encouragement and support for communities working together for the common good.

Our RfPUK three representatives joined the following discussion groups:
Youth and inter faith engagement – This group addressed different ways that young people are engaging and encouraging even more involvement.
Opening up difficult dialogue, engaging with tough topics – This group began with a short mapping exercise to identify what issues are experienced by participants as the most difficult to address and how we can open up discussions on such issues.
Engaging faith communities on social issues – This group focussed on how faith communities can assist in encouraging organ donation and create awareness about the same.

RfPUK sends out representatives to attend interfaith activities to bring back the understanding and knowledge of what our colleagues are doing in their various fronts, and we seek opportunities for contribution and cooperation for future projects.

As we raise our own visibility, we are helping others to understand our ethos and aims, hence networking make up an important factor in continuous co-operation in our endeavour to promote peace among all people.

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