Statement on the Manchester Attack

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March 29, 2017
RfPUK at an interfaith Iftar
June 17, 2017

RfPUK is deeply shocked and saddened by the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena which killed 22 and left many wounded. Among them are parents and children, adults and students, old and young alike were callously targeted in a murderous act aiming to bring fear, conflict and intolerance among us. We strongly condemn the cruel and senseless violence which brought devastation to so many.

The people of Manchester have shown remarkable spirit, strength and solidarity at this time of confusion, turmoil and sorrow. We offer our collective prayers to the victims and families, and keep in our thoughts those who are attending to the wounded, those who are comforting the affected and those who are working towards avoidance of further violence to ensure the safety of the population.

Together with our friends and colleagues from other interfaith organisations, RfPUK calls for people of all backgrounds and creeds to maintain our progressive relationships to face up to the challenge of continuous co-operation. Let us in defiance insist on resilience against violence, that in our grief we stand steadfast in our conviction of peaceful harmony in our country and in our lives.

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