UK Faith Communities Meeting in Leicester addressing Progress towards a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

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April 23, 2015
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May 14, 2015


Time: TUESDAY 26 MAY 2015, 7.00pm


For decades, discussions on nuclear weapons have been dominated by the few nuclear-armed states – states that continue to stockpile and maintain over 16,000 warheads. The humanitarian initiative on nuclear weapons has prompted a fundamental change in this conversation, focusing on the actual effects of the weapons.

Religious and faith-based communities have a responsibility to inform themselves and others on the issues and to take action to address an existential threat to humanity. This free seminar on nuclear disarma­ment is designed to provide information for religious leaders and communities on how a nuclear weapons ban treaty would create a clear international legal norm against the possession of nuclear weapons and how faith communities can best play their part in this initiative to push states towards a ban treaty. Learn about:

  • Ethical, legal and religious imperatives for nuclear abolition
  • The nuclear threat: forgotten but not gone
  • Comprehensive nuclear disarmament: putting human security first
  • Resource guides
  • How to take the issues forward within your own faith community

So this meeting is for:

  • Interfaith groups – local, regional and national
  • Youth and women’s groups
  • Religious leadership from different faiths
  • All those concerned about the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons

I encourage you to use your own faith—in principled solidarity with be­lievers of other faiths to help end the danger and moral tyranny of nucle­ar weapons.” Dr. William F. Vendley, Secretary General, Religions for Peace.

Do register your interest soonest as spaces are limited by e-mailing David Horner   or     call 07825-189263

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